Current Projects

Research & Development
5920  Longbow Drive,
Loveland, CO 80537
Boulder, CO  80301

2009 to present:

Investigation and development of proprietary microprocessor controlled high efficiency power supplies and sensors to support new energy based medical devices.

DATECH, Digital & Analog Technology
7762 Spring Glade Road
Loveland, CO  80538-1000

March 2007 to Present:

Intellectual property development.

WO 2009/023563 A1 “Path Redundant, Hardware Efficient Communications Interconnect System”

Abstract:  The present invention relates methods and devices in the area of Telephony and Communication equipment and, more particularly to the “switching fabric” that may comprise the connection and servicing of copper pair and fiber optical crossconnects among other aspects such as are found in voice and data phone systems. Certain features of the invention may also be applicable to computer systems architectures, routers, and other data collection or transmission systems and where larger matrixes of signals or lines may be interconnected.  (378 claims granted)

Network Server Division/HP Labs
3404 East Harmony Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525-9599

1998 to March 2007:  Retired

System power design and integration for high end NT network server.

<>Investigation, supervision and development of System power specifications and individual supplies for N+1 redundant fault tolerant power supplies and I2C interfaces, bulk power off-line switcher, local DC-DC converters, distributed power management, power up/down sequencing and related regulation issues. Design of redundant fan power supply and supervisory circuitry. Code development for fan controller and for bulk power supply systems interfaces. Resolution of board to board related power problems. System power testing and evaluation. Patents pending and granted.

EDM Engineering Data Management, Inc.
736 Whalers Way, Bldg. G
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

1986 to Present:

Work with EDM is ongoing. Examples of completed work include: (1) Addition of UK pole strength predictor models to POLETEST™ software algorithms. (2) Reconfiguration of POLETEST™ software algorithms for new pole strength predictor models. Technical assistance for development of non-destructive new wood pole strength testing devices. (3) Manufacturing of EDM POLETEST™ WAVE FORM PROCESSOR™ products. (4) Design and development of microprocessor based portable non-destructive wood pole strength testing and evaluation equipment.

In 1989 POLETEST™ was voted "Best New Product Of The Year" in the small business category by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

(POLETEST™ and WAVE FORM PROCESSOR™ are trademarks belonging to EDM, Engineering Data Management).

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