The 1990s

214 South College Avenue
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80524

1996 to 1999:

Development of miniaturized fertility detection and prediction device based on electronic measurement of certain bio-chemical properties for home use as an aid to conception and contraception. Complete design of low power battery operated hand held measurement device, LCD display, IR data link and download hardware and software, charting of female fertility related data for the prediction of periods of fertility and infertility. Project technical management and supervision.

Personal Measurements Operations
815 14th Street Southwest
Loveland, Colorado 80537

1993 - 1997:

"Logic Dart" Handheld battery powered tri-state three-channel logic analyzer.

Investigation of hand held portable instrumentation for proprietary advanced troubleshooting of digital and analog systems. System concept design and architecture, 100 MHz front end design and tri-state detector implementation.

Probe design, impedance matching circuitry and ASIC design for data acquisition and processing. System test and calibration procedures. Patent # 5914870 and # 5977774.

5060 West Amelia Earhart Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

1993 to 1995:

Design of microprocessor based O2 controller for inter-vascular oxygenation of the blood supply and monitoring of CO2 discharge. Also project management of technical team for system design and prototype construction.

P.O. Box 1718
Loveland, Colorado 80539


Design of Motorola microprocessor (68HC16) based remote radio telephone repeater system including PAL based control, memory RAM and EPROM, timers and digital interface circuitry for tone and voice generators and recorders.  (Analog circuitry not included).

1351 W. Stanford Avenue
Englewood, Colorado 80110

1989 to 1994:

(1) Interfacing with subcontractors and suppliers and training of personnel at Windsor in electronics design and manufacturing procedures. Development of simple testers for circuit verification. (2) Design of automatic control circuitry and battery monitor for uP based control unit for battery powered burnishers. (3) Design of automatic control circuitry and pad monitor for IC based control unit for 120 and 240 volt floor scrubbers. (4) Design of current limiting motor drive and low voltage solid state controls for evaluation in VDE approval of existing floor polishers.

P.O. Box 8915
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106


Audio and video multiplexers and mixers, and PC computer interface design and packaging for uP based "SMART" audit/visual home entertainment and presentation systems, lighting and security systems.

IEM, Inc.
P.O. Box 8915
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

1989 to 1992:

Electrical design, construction and testing of uP controlled peripheral interface for mass storage units.

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